Data collection

Data Collection

Provide data collection that is of the highest quality



Use methodology & tools that will give clients results in shorter turnaround time

Tabulation & ReportReporting

Focused on delivering insights & findings that move strategies forward



Provide cost effective quality based research


Interviewing using Paper & Pen or Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing. This 2 methods is very much similar, but for CAPI, the data is directly entered into a computer program instead of first using paper forms.

Focus Group Discussion

A quantitative method of market research in which respondents are invited to take part in the predefined tasks and tests, respondents may be pre-recruited or can be intercept recruit, the tests are conducted in a suitable place which can be from public hall to a specialized facility

CATI Survey

The interviewer asks questions by telephone and records answers on a computer. CATI automates the interviewees calls, the recall in case of absence and checks quota.


Gloviss Online Panel

Online Panel
Over the last decade, there has been a major global shift in survey and market research towards data collection, using samples selected from online panels. We take a step ahead by creating our own Online Panel here

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Market Research Society Malaysia
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